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måndag 4 mars 2013

Arabic pedophiles in saudia arabian and Shariia law is pedophiles law.

Arabic pedophiles in saudia arabian and Shariia law is pedophiles law.
90-year-old man marries 15-year-old child in Saudi Arabia

After spreading the news of this marriage, the women activists and women's and children's rights advocates condemned the marriage on the social networks; they criticized the values and the traditional norms of their country, and this type of child marriage
According to the websites and local channels of Saudi, the elderly groom paid 17000$ dowry and reached an agreement with the girl’s parents
 The local media sources of Saudi announced that the girl was frightened and barricaded herself in the bedroom on the first night, so the elderly groom talked to her parents.

The bride fled to her parents, so the elderly groom went to the court and wrote a complaint, he demanded the parents to give him back the 15-year-old girl.
This news brought controversy on the social networks, many of the girl’s supporters condemned this marriage and demanded the elimination of selling daughters with an excuse of poverty.
The case reflects how online social networks have become a vital forum for public discussion in what has long been an opaque, even closed society, with Saudis now taking to twitter faster than anywhere else in the world, the BBC's Middle East analyst Sebastian Usher reports.
The analyst claims that thousands of young Saudi girls have been married off to older men.
There appears to be widespread support in Saudi society for a minimum age for marriage, which the authorities say they are working towards.
However, some of the most conservative religious scholars are still resisting the idea, while insisting that girls must have reached puberty before marriage.
Source: BBC


Slemani: 15-year-old girl died

In an exclusive interview to Warvin, Captain (Sarkawt Ahmad) spokesman of Slemani Police Directorate stated that on March 3, 2013, police got informed about the death of 15-year-old Vania Dara Tofiq in German village, and our teams arrived at the incident scene
He spoke to Warvin from the indent scene and said: “the girl’s family, police and Criminal Investigation Unit are here and the body of the girl has been sent to forensic medicine department for autopsy, it is not clear until know whether it was a suicide act or not.”
Mother of two children sets herself on fire due to poverty
In an interview to Warvin, a close source from the incident stated, on Saturday February 23, 2013, a 24-year-old woman named (G,Q) set herself on fire in Kolka village – Stune sub district in Shingal
“She is a mother of two children; police started that during the interrogation she had said the reason behind setting herself on fire was escaping from her difficult life and the immense poverty that her family faces” the source added.
According to the information, the woman regretted her attempt to escape from this life, and she has wished to stay alive so that she can raise her small kids whatever it takes.

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