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tisdag 5 mars 2013

talk, but the mullahs just use your mouth just as the donkeys... (((((((((((((donkeys laws in mullahs brain)))

To celebrate March 8 is banned it is haraam.....
Iranian regime and the rights of women mullah are not real men because men use brain when to 
talk, but the mullahs just use your mouth just as the donkeys... (((((((((((((donkeys laws  in mullahs brain)))

A woman, I'll be strong and knocks down all the sick mullahs captured all the crazy mullahs
all sick jealousy mullahs must know we are all women will be against you, we will fight for freedom and democracy and equality until all throw out all the sick mullahs who do not respect women's rights
mullah says to the woman you have to listen to me or I'll stone you to death, you know sahrria law stands at the man's side women must keep silent (((((((((((((donkeys laws  in mullahs brain)))
oh I have four wives, you must listen to me I'm going to have sex with each at a called you must not have contact with other men because I bought you-- (((((((((((((donkeys laws  in mullahs brain)))

This in my mind is to be women is prohibited, but only for sex, crazy mullah--- (((((((((((((donkeys laws  in mullahs brain)))

مافی ژن لە ئیراندا  و ٨ مارەس چوون سەیر دەکەن ؟  مەلا مافی ژنان؟ مالتان ئاوا بێت ئاخر مەلا عەقلی نییە وەک کەر واییە تەنها دەمی بکار دەبات لە کاتی قسەکردندا  مەلا وەک مرۆڤ نییە تەنها وەک مرۆڤەکان دەخۆات رەی دەکات  بەلام جیاوازیەکی یەکجار زۆری لە گەل مرۆڤە ئاسایەکاندا هییە  کۆلێک پارچەی سپێ یان سەوز یان رەش دەبستن بە سەریانەوە  لیباسەکانیان دریژە رەنگ بوونی گۆێ دریژە

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