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lördag 2 mars 2013

Warvin foundation produces (Forgotten Women) film

  Warvin foundation produces (Forgotten Women) film

a scene from the film
In the film, the women who lost their families in Kirkuk and Mosul talk about their sorrow and bitter life, and they ask for support.

Each of those women has tens of unwritten stories in their hearts, apart from crying and reminiscing their lost sons, brothers and husbands. They complain about ignoring them

The project was filmed in Ninawa and Kirkuk provinces at the end of 2012

Production Staff

Voice Over: Rebaz Abdulla Muhammad

Light: Peshraw Rostam Hussain

Cameraman: Azad Omar

Writer: Ahmad Mahmud

Manager: Jamal Penjweny

It is worth to mention that the film was produced in cooperation of (Cultural Bridges to Reconciliation in Iraq)

Click here to see the film

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